M-DCPS Teacher LEADership Academy

The M-DCPS Teacher LEADership Academy (Leading Education and Development) is designed to challenge and support teacher leaders across the District in developing the andragogical knowledge, content expertise, and facilitative leadership skills needed to guide instructional improvements in schools. The program enhances the leadership abilities of highly skilled teachers as they facilitate the professional learning of their colleagues. The Teacher LEADership Academy also provides principals and assistant principals an opportunity to cultivate shared leadership and embed effective teacher leadership structures and practices within their school community.

With the Professional Learning Support Teams (PLSTs) fully implemented at each school-site, the M-DCPS Teacher LEADership Academy creates opportunities for effective teachers to lead through new career opportunities and advancement initiatives that promote professional growth and emphasize multiple career paths. Miami-Dade County Public Schools utilizes the structure of the PLST to develop a cadre of teacher leaders by clearly identifying differentiated teacher leadership roles in the areas of new and early career teacher support, professional learning and growth, instructional coaching, and digital innovation. The M-DCPS Teacher LEADership Academy addresses the specific professional learning needs of each teacher leadership role by differentiating the context, process, and content of the professional development provided. The model supports teacher leaders who lead from the classroom.

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M-DCPS Teacher LEADership Academy experience includes:

One (1) Two-day Summer Institute

Two (2) One-day Follow-Up Sessions

Three (3) 2-hour Virtual Follow-Up Sessions

Learning Showcase

Monday, June 15, 2015

Leadership Conference: Supporting a Culture of Excellence

We hope that you found the conference informative and worthwhile. We believe that Dr. Deborah Estes provided in-depth insight, as well as, practical tools for team building, shared leadership, and effective communication. Your presence helped to make this event a great success and your enthusiasm and positive spirit helped make our time together both productive and fun.

Please let us know what was the most beneficial aspect of the conference and if the conference fulfilled your reason for attending. Your comments will enable us to better plan and execute future conferences and tailor them to meet your professional development needs.


  1. Best training I have ever attended. Ms. Estes was brilliant, she took team building activities to another level. My thought process on how a school should be operated has changed. We need more of these types of trainings. H.Rodriguez

  2. Dr. Estes...You told us what to expect and...YOU DELIVERED! It was the best ever PD training I have attended. I would spend another Saturday or ANY DAY of the week learning from Dr. Estes. OMG! Engaging-Active-Fun-Transforming-Powerful-Reflective-Honest-Empowering!
    OPDE...This PD training afforded me an opportunity to grow personally and professionally. The blending of the individuals in attendance was fabulous and I have begun to apply what I learned at my school site. I look forward to the next PD training.
    Sending Dr. Estes and OPDE a "Fist Pump", "You Rock", "Eye Hug" and in the words of Elvis..."Thank you...Thank you very much!" A. Brown

  3. I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for the hard work and dedication in putting together the leadership conference this past Saturday. Dr. Estes is a phenomenal presenter. I learned some much as she went over all the intended outcomes listed in her Resource Handbook.

    I really enjoyed the book Lemons to Lemonade. . . .

    I am looking forward for the next professional development session.

    Best regards and thanks again

  4. I commend the professional development team for looking past the sit and get type professional developments. My supervising principal during my internship once told me that in order for learning to effectively take place, you must make an emotional connection. For many of us today, we made those emotional connections. Please continue to provide meaningful learning experiences that will ultimately impact our children.

  5. This is the best professional development activity I have ever attended. Dr. Deborah Estes connected with us on a personal level, and made us realize the power we have as supportive leaders to transform the learning organization. She made us take a deeper analysis of our individual strengths, as well as areas of growth. I will definitely put into practice the principles and activities presented and implemented today. I encourage this department to continue to implement this type of collaborative and dynamic professional development because we learn best by doing and applying the intended outcomes to our personal and professional lives.

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